Winter Casting

Well, the water hasn't even frozen over yet we've been able to already secure our gym space for this year's Winter Casting sessions. Check out the Winter Casting link from the main menu for full details.

October's Talk - Algonquin Park Fishing

If you like to fish Algonquin Park, October's regular meet is not to be missed. Our guest speaker, Steve Molson will be presenting on "The Lure of Algonquin Park, an inside look: fishing, camping and paddling experiences on the lakes and rivers of Algonquin Provincial Park". Steve has traveled extensively through Algonquin Park and will share some of his experience with us. Steve has produced a book of lake bathymetric information entiltled " A View Down-Under: Bathymetric Maps of Algonquin Provincial Park - Volume 1 The Chars: Brook Trout, Lake Trout and Splake.

Evening Fishing Outings

Evening Fishing is back for another season.

Originally started as way for OFS members to meet informally over the summer fishing season, it has evolved into an event in which anyone regardless of their ability can come out and enjoy an evening on the water. For novices, it is a chance to pick up tips, techniques, etc. from more seasoned anglers. For those that are new to the region, it provides an introduction to the various fishing opportunities that are readily available around the NRC.

Introduction to Fly Fishing: A Course

If you have ever wondered what fly fishing is all about - this
is your opportunity to find out!

Four Parts:

  1. The Sport - the equipment: how and why it works
  2. The Flies - types of flies: how they're tied - try your hand
  3. The Cast - learn the basics & get some practice
  4. The Fish - let's go fishing!

Each part will be about four hours in length:

Parts 1&2 - Saturday, June 3, 2017, 9:15am to 5:00pm, conference room at

Line Care and Maintenance

With fishing just around the corner now is the perfect time to break out all of your reels that have been in storage all winter and give your line a good cleaning. For everyone that took advantage of the Winter Casting sessions, this will be even more relevant. Keeping your fly line clean will not only extend the life of your fly line, but will also improve your line's castability.

Casting Clinc

Novice to Advanced Casting with Instructor Bill Spicer,
F.F.F. Master Certified Casting Instructor & Host of The New Fly Fisher Show

Novice casters, Bill will teach the basic overhead cast along with the roll cast.

Intermediate casters will learn the five essential rules to casting to obtain more distance. This will include introduction to the single haul and double haul.