Line Care and Maintenance

With fishing just around the corner now is the perfect time to break out all of your reels that have been in storage all winter and give your line a good cleaning. For everyone that took advantage of the Winter Casting sessions, this will be even more relevant. Keeping your fly line clean will not only extend the life of your fly line, but will also improve your line's castability.

The following video by Rio shows how to clean your fly line. When drying your line it is also a good idea to stretch your line to remove any coiling that has developed in the line from being on the spool over the winter. For floating lines, the application of a line dressing is also recommended to recondition the line,
allowing it to cast and float better.
Note: DO NOT apply line dressings to sinking lines

Depending on how often you are fishing and/or how dirty the water is you're fishing, you may find that your line may need to be cleaned multiple times over the course of the season. With proper care and maintenance fly line can easily last a decade before needing to be replaced. That being said excessive heat/sunlight from leaving your reels (fly line, leaders, and tippet) in a hot car can cause permanent damage to your lines, etc.